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Cloud native with Saiyam - December mid edition

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
I came to Dehradun for a few weeks so there has been less content from me but not to worry things will resume soon once I am back! December till now is going great in terms of awesome things that the community is doing in the cloud native space. The Log4j Vulnerability has taken over the internet and worried many people. Cloud outages have made people think about why multi-cloud and DR strategy is important. I think for critical businesses and applications its not only important to have a DR strategy but also the time to switch, you can have a LIVE environment and a standby environment with minimum resources and there should only be a minimal changes required (which can also be automated) to do the failover to the standby instance. If you have deep pockets then probably you can have a better DR setup. Recent incidents have proven that you need not bet only on the big three and there are other small players in the market for specific services eg for Kubernetes you have Civo Kubernetes (obvious for me to say as I work here :)) that gives you powerful managed Kubernetes solution at much cheap price so you can build a DR solution there if you do not have tighter integrations with other cloud platform services itself.
That said what are your takes on the Backup and DR strategies? Feel free to talk to me about it.
Check out the awesome content from the community in December so far!

Falco - Kubernetes threat detection engine (CNCFMinutes 19)
Falco - Kubernetes threat detection engine (CNCFMinutes 19)
Flux CD v2 - Kubernetes GitOps (CNCFMinutes 20)
Flux CD v2 - Kubernetes GitOps (CNCFMinutes 20)
These CNCFMinutes are actually very useful to know about a CNCF project in a few minutes, my aim is to cover all the projects in the CNCF ecosystem and yes I will do it!!
Other streams -
News and announcements
  • Kubernetes 1.23 released - Awesome Kubernetes release team have pulled off an amazing 1.23 release with 47 enhancements!!
Great post by Sysdig as always on the new release!
Tools of the month and great repositories
  • Liqo - Enable dynamic and seamless Kubernetes multi-cluster topologies.
  • Ratify - enables validation of containers in kubernetes prior to deployment.
  • Benchmark Operator - an operator that deploys common workloads to establish a performance baseline of Kubernetes cluster on your provider
  • kip - Virtual-kubelet provider running pods in cloud instances
Free learning resources
Nice December reads
Learn from Twitter
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These resources are for you ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Andy Jeffries
Great catchup with @SaiyamPathak this morning. Such a huge asset to the @CivoCloud team. Aside from general chat we had a talk about Sysbox from @nestybox too. That looks really slick!
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Thank you for reading this edition and hope you like it, let me know if you are doing something great that will benefit the community, I will include that.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

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