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Cloud native with Saiyam - December holiday edition

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
Yay!! It’s the holiday season and time for the last issue of my newsletter in 2021. If you are a first-time reader, I would request you to go through all the previous 5 editions as well because they contain a lot of learning resources!
Just before ending 2021 I finally created the most awaited video by everyone “DevOps roadmap 2022” - The only roadmap you need with all the resources listed.
Also, I posted my “2021 Year in review”. Yes, it was a tough year and I went through the times that I never thought I would. Losing my brother to Covid left has left me broken and everything I do is to make him proud. He has always been supportive and guided me so that I can achieve great things, I am sure he must be feeling proud of all the work I have been able to pull off in 2021 and I will continue with the same momentum in 2022!
2021 Summary :
  • 60 streams with amazing people on various cloud native products
  • 20 CNCFMinutes where each video explain a CNCF project in a few minutes
  • 4 Twitch streams where I explored an open-source tool from scratch
  • 8 video uploads where I did walkthroughs and tried to crunch hours content in minutes
  • 4 Webinars with Sysdig and Civo
  • 6 Conferences including gitopsdays, containerdays, KubeCon, alldaydevops
  • 5 Events/meetups including Docker meetup, KCD
  • 5 collaborations with other people including DevOps directive, cloudshala
  • 3 events organized including KCD, container garage and cncf students
  • Official CNCF Certs magic show focussing on Kubernetes certs
  • 12 Blogs
  • Civo Academy - free video content for anyone who needs to learn Kubernetes
  • 6 Newsletters

My Brother, my strength
My Brother, my strength
DevOps Roadmap 2022
DevOps roadmap 2022 | Success Roadmap 2022
DevOps roadmap 2022 | Success Roadmap 2022
This is the only Roadmapy that you need to follow if you want to get into tech/DevOps and be job-ready in 6 months. I request you all to share this as much as you can as it contains amazing resources as well from where you can learn and I myself will be creating a lot of content around this roadmap in 2022.
Other streams -
News and announcements
Tools of the month and great repositories
  • Shipwright - a framework for building container images on Kubernetes
  • etcd-cloud-operator - Deploying and managing production-grade etcd clusters on cloud providers: failure recovery, disaster recovery, backups and resizing.
  • kube-vip - Kubernetes Control Plane Virtual IP and Load-Balancer
  • toxiproxy - A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing
  • kube-thanos - Kubernetes specific configuration for deploying Thanos.
Free learning resources/cool stuff
Nice December reads
Learn from Twitter
Vic Iglesias
Today I Learned about BloomRPC:

It lets you craft requests for gRPC services in a GUI and view the responses in an easy way.

This is to gRPC what @getpostman is to HTTP calls.
Check out these great notes if you're working with APIs.

- HTTP Headers 📄
- HTTP Status Codes 🔢
- CORS 🔒
- Access-Control HTTP Headers 🌐
Alex Ellis
1/n - Did you get your hands on some Raspberry Pis for Christmas?

Here's a summary of my most recent content to get you started

Get Kubernetes up and running with a dashboard and a function written in @golang in < 15 minutes.
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Teleport 8.0 released 🎉 🎊
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Thank you for reading this edition and hope you like it, let me know if you are doing something great that will benefit the community, I will include that.
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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