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Cloud native with Saiyam - Accelerating to KubeCon

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak
The last edition I introduced to you - Kubesimplify, a mission to simplify cloud native. I am so happy that I started this and my vision is even more clear.
I am happy to share that in less than 2 weeks we have published 17+ blogs with over 19k views, now those are some amazing numbers for the community that just started. Keep supporting the initiative so that we can reach even more people!
KubeCon is approaching and I am planning to attend in person, I am excited as well as scared at the same time because Covid is not over yet! I am also not sure how I am going to meet so many people with whom I have connected in the past 2 - 3 years. So many amazing people will be there and I just want to meet everyone !!
I am also planning to do a cloud native meetup in London a week before KubeCon(fingers crossed).
From the content side this month I did a webinar on Kubernetes CKS certification which was attended well with ~200 people, the replay is available here and a blog on Kubernetes backup/restore.

Kubesimplify blogs
We are committed to producing high-quality content for everyone and are also excited to share that we have partnered with killercoda to provide even more amazing blogging experiences to the readers.
We have also changed our logo and all the branding information is available here. At Kubesimplify, we posted the below blogs from April 1st till 15th
If you want to contribute you can DM me and also feel free to sponsor Kubesimplify(all the money will go into accelerating the efforts). Make sure to follow Kubesimplify.
I have not been able to focus much on the videos but I will be back soon and you will see regular uploads on my Youtube channel as well. Nevertheless, the cloud native community still had some awesome videos.
Also, the Kubernetes course that I curated - Civo Academy is getting published on the Civo Youtube channel, over 50+ videos will be published with every day a new video! Be sure to check that out here.
News and Announcements
Nice April reads(1st - 15th April)
Learning resources/repositories
Learn from Twitter
Ivan Velichko
How to debug issues in containers 🔽

You started a server in a container. It's supposed to open a bunch of ports. The container is running fine, but you cannot connect to some of the ports from the outside. You exec into the container, but `ss` is not there. Now what?
Noah Kantrowitz
FAANG promo committees are killing Kubernetes: A Short Thread 🧵
Saiyam Pathak
What is your favourite Kubernetes troubleshooting command? Looking for some new ones 😉
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Special thanks to SpeedscaleCloudcasaSysdigARMO, Suborbital and Robusta for being an Org member and to SlimAI and Teleport for being a platinum member.
Some amazing partnerships coming up that will be announced on Twitter so keep an eye out if your org wants to grow the community and support my work then consider becoming a member as it comes with a lot of benefits(membership program)
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Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak @saiyampathak

Kubernetes and cloud native

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