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By Sahil Parikh

Interesting reads on tech, business and life delivered every month.

Interesting reads on tech, business and life delivered every month.

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Tech Friend - April 2021 Issue ⛅️

I love projects that focus on attention to detail.


Tech Friend - January 2021 Issue ❄️

Hard work is really overrated. How hard you work matters a lot less in the modern economy......Figure out what you’re good at, and start helping other people with it. Give it away. Pay it forward. Karma works because people are consistent. On a long enough ti…


Tech Friend - 2020 🎁

Hey there,As we close out 2020, here are 20 things I learnt and experienced, which I otherwise might have overlooked in a normal year.Shit can hit the roof tomorrow. Make the most of today. Take nothing for granted. What doesn’t kill you (twin surgeries durin…


Tech Friend - November Issue 🌤

If you are fundamentally building and marketing something that is an extension of who you are, no one can compete with you on that......When I talk about specific knowledge, I mean figure out what you were doing as a kid or teenager almost effortlessly. Somet…


Tech Friend - October Issue 🌤

Lesson in courage, determination, grit, adventure and getting outside our comfort zone. Change is good.


Tech Friend - September Issue. The last ⛈

This video made my day! Everyone needs a little happiness 😄


Tech Friend - August Issue ⛈

I just love how much thought Apple puts into their products and engineering process. One of a kind!


Tech Friend: Take it to the Battlefield - Issue #10

Japanese summer tradition of eating noodles out of water streaming through a bamboo pipe.


Tech Friend: Slow Down, Think, Read & Learn - Issue #9

Try a 1000 piece puzzle with your family. Great way to bond, get challenged and celebrate small wins.


Tech Friend: Ads, Video Conferencing and Writing Better Emails - Issue #7

"That said, it doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path toward success. You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results."From …


Tech Friend: Online Security, UX Design Trends, HazeOver and The Three Year Rule - Issue #7

Our need for instant gratification means that we expect success to happen overnight. Instead, try the 3/5/10 year rule - don't expect things to happen overnight but overtime. If you are working on a new project, zoom out and plan for a longer time horizon. Sh…


Tech Friend: Work Less, Yoink, Invisibility Cloak - Issue #6

“In times of change, the learners will inherit the Earth while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”


Tech Friend: 18% Battery - Issue #5

Hi there,Happy Diwali in advance! Tuesday was the most productive day this week. I didn't realise that my phone did not charge overnight and I started the workday with 18% battery. I immediately put my phone on low power mode and refrained from engaging in an…


Tech Friend: Screen Time and Secure Passwords - Issue #4

This amazing movie (must, must watch!) is the untold story of great vision & epic failure that changed the world. As per IMDB, "The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were born at a secretive Silicon Valley start-up named 'Gene…


Google data, website speed, pizza robot, Forest app and starting with why - Issue #3

This is probably one of my top 5 videos of all times! Leading a team? Always start with "WHY" and remember that your customers don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


Succeeding at work, securing email, journaling, iPadOS and more - Issue #2

"If you suddenly decide, for example, in the middle of a distracted afternoon spent Web browsing, to switch your attention to a cognitively demanding task, you’ll draw heavily from your finite willpower to wrest your attention away from the online shininess. …


Charging Cables, Apple, Being a Bifurcator, Flywheel Concept & Company of One - Issue #1

"Society has ingrained in us a very particular idea of what success in business looks like. You work as many hours as possible, and when your business starts to do well, you scale everything up in every direction. To this day, this strategy is considered what…