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Tech Friend: Take it to the Battlefield - Issue #10

Tech Friend: Take it to the Battlefield - Issue #10
By Sahil Parikh • Issue #10 • View online
Hi there,
This pandemic has created havoc, and the worst is yet to come as some people say. My friends who run retail and service businesses are in dire straights. Their retail shops are closed, but they are paying rent and employee salaries (I do believe in supporting team members in these times!). It is a domino effect across industries. You don’t get paid so how do you pay it forward? Your business is not making any money, so where do you shell out the rent? The worst is the uncertainty that goes with this situation - how long will this last? Will everything be ok in 2 months? Will I be able to start my retail shop? 
These are indeed unusual and tough times. 
It is easy to get trapped in the negative spiral of problems. However, another way to look at this is from being solutions-oriented. If people can’t come to your retail shop, maybe, you need to plan to start thinking about a full e-commerce operation. If you are losing clients in your web development or consulting business (because there is nothing to develop right now), maybe, you could offer new services that companies might require right now! For example, I pretty sure companies wouldn’t mind doing an audit of their website for usability, security or SEO. 
Anything that can help businesses get to a better point for when this is over is an opportunity right now!
Either we can mull over problems or sit up and take to the battlefield.
Stay safe!

Sanjay Mehta
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“How? Although scientists at the time didn’t have a way to understand or explain such a miraculous recovery, research now tells us it’s likely that epigenetic processes were at work. Cousins’s shift of attitude changed his body chemistry, which altered his internal state, enabling him to program new genes in new ways; he simply downregulated (or turned off) the genes that were causing his illness and upregulated (or turned on) the genes responsible for his recovery. ”
From “You Are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza
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Sahil Parikh

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