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Tech Friend: Online Security, UX Design Trends, HazeOver and The Three Year Rule - Issue #7

Tech Friend: Online Security, UX Design Trends, HazeOver and The Three Year Rule - Issue #7
By Sahil Parikh • Issue #7 • View online
Hi there,
I can’t stress how important it is to have unique, hard to guess passwords for each new site that you register for. As I mentioned in an earlier issue, a tool like 1Password can help store and generate unique passwords for you. Another website that you should check today is Haveibeenpwned - enter your email address and see if your account has been compromised in any of the data breaches around the world. If it has, then change the password for that website and change all websites that use the same compromised password!
Never, ever, ever have the same password for a website.
Have a good weekend ahead!
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Steve Schlafman 🌎
Being sick is always a cruel reminder that good physical health is the single most important thing in the world.
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The Three Year Rule
The Three Year Rule
Our need for instant gratification means that we expect success to happen overnight. Instead, try the 3/5/10 year rule - don’t expect things to happen overnight but overtime. If you are working on a new project, zoom out and plan for a longer time horizon. Short term failures will look trivial and won’t weigh you or your team down. Zoom out instead of zooming in.
Kindle Highlight of the Week
“If someone tried to take control of your body and make you a slave, you would fight for freedom. Yet how easily you hand over your mind to anyone who insults you. When you dwell on their words and let them dominate your thoughts, you make them your master.”
From “The Manual: A Philosopher’s Guide to Life” by Epictetus
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Sahil Parikh

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