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Charging Cables, Apple, Being a Bifurcator, Flywheel Concept & Company of One - Issue #1

Charging Cables, Apple, Being a Bifurcator, Flywheel Concept & Company of One - Issue #1
By Sahil Parikh • Issue #1 • View online
Hi there,
I am planning to start a weekly personal newsletter - since I come across amazing stuff on the Internet on tech, biz & life that I would like to share with other. This is the first one I am sending out to only few people - think of it as an experiment. Please let me know what you think - are the articles interesting?
This week one of my colleagues posted a rather interesting article on tech security on our Slack channel - I didn’t know charging cables could be used this way! In addition, there are a few really good articles I came across on why we have already reached peak smartphones, are you a bifurcator who manages a day job, and what can you do when you are not seeing many visitors to your website (hint: wait). In addition, I read this fantastic book called Company of One a few months back and thought I’d recommend it to others as well.
Have a great week!

People buy stories not products.
Apple, services and moats
Don’t quit your day job: the benefits of being a ‘bifurcator’
The flywheel of wealth (and the importance of patience)
Book: Company of One
My thoughts
Kindle Highlight of the Week
“Society has ingrained in us a very particular idea of what success in business looks like. You work as many hours as possible, and when your business starts to do well, you scale everything up in every direction. To this day, this strategy is considered what it takes to be a success in business — solving problems by adding “more” to the solution. Anyone who stays small, in this line of thinking, hasn’t done well enough to add “more” to the mix. But what if we challenge this way of thinking in business? What if staying small is what a company does when it’s figured out how to solve problems without adding “more” to them?”
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Sahil Parikh

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