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The Road to React with Firebase


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January 28 · Issue #19 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hi folks, Robin here - I am the person behind The Road to learn React and other books/tutorials for JavaScript. Today I am super excited to launch The Road to React with Firebase :-)
The book walks you through building a full-blown application with advanced React and Firebase. Firebase enables you to build full-stack applications without worrying about the backend. You will learn how to setup a register, login and logout mechanism in React with Firebase, how to access the application with Facebook and Google, and how to manage your data in the Firebase database.

Writing this hands-on book has been a project of mine since late 2017. Lots of work went into it to provide you top quality. It has been professionally proofread, edited and reviewed.
Everything for a well-rounded Product
If you are a freelancer or just building a portfolio as a developer for yourself, knowing about this minimal tech stack makes you efficient in creating and shipping well-rounded applications with little effort. I have heard several success stories from people building their startup idea on top of the starter kit application from the book. 
Also, if you take the complete course, you will receive the identical starter kit project but fully styled with Semantic UI, with optional Redux or MobX integration, and optional Gatsby starter project. It also comes with a migration path to Firebase’s new Cloud Firestore.
I hope you enjoy the book and the course. Also you would do me a huge favor if you would let your friends know about The Road to React with Firebase. Simply forward this message to them. It would mean the world to me :-)
Best wishes, Robin
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