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The Road to GraphQL

Hi folks, Robin here - I am the person behind The Road to learn React and other books/tutorials for J
The Road to GraphQL
Hi folks, Robin here - I am the person behind The Road to learn React and other books/tutorials for JavaScript. Today I am super excited to launch The Road to GraphQL.

The book covers the full stack of modern web applications ranging from client-side React.js applications to server-side Node.js applications. You will also get the chance to connect your GraphQL server to a database. Afterward, everything gets deployed to offer you a well-rounded learning experience.
You will not only learn GraphQL in isolation. Instead, you will learn how to use GraphQL in context of real world applications.
We cover lots of aspects such as authentication and authorization, advanced features like subscriptions and pagination strategies, performance optimizations such as batching and caching, but also optimize the UX on the client-side by implementing an optimistic UI, pagination and data prefetching.
The book has been over 10 months in the making. Lots of work went into it to provide you top quality and the most up-to-date GraphQL learning experience. It has been professional proofread, edited and reviewed.
Become a Full-stack GraphQL Developer
Pick up the book and start learning GraphQL today. Afterward, you should have a solid understanding of full-stack GraphQL applications with React.js on the client-side and Node.js with a database on the server-side.
You would do me a huge favor if you would let your friends know about The Road to GraphQL. Forward this text or share my release tweet with them. It would mean the world to me. I know for sure that there are plenty of people who want to learn GraphQL :-)
Best wishes, Robin
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