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Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter - Issue #8

Hello there, it's Robin. I hope everyone of you had a great start in 2018 :) This year started pretty

Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter

February 7 · Issue #8 · View online
Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React, The Road to GraphQL, and many other online tutorials about JavaScript and its ecosystem. This is my newsletter which delivers comprehensive tutorials, books, and courses straight to your inbox. Quality content only. Give it a chance and become a better developer every month.

Hello there, it’s Robin. I hope everyone of you had a great start in 2018 :) This year started pretty exciting for me. I am so proud that I got The Road to learn React on Amazon. If you have read the book and it helped you to learn React, you can help me out by leaving a short review for it :) Furthermore, the book got translated to simplified Chinese and so far more than 1500 people have downloaded it. That’s an overwhelming amount of people coming from China to learn React now. I wouldn’t have thought this one year ago when I released the first version of the book. So thank you everyone for making this possible.
In the following, you find a great selection of new exciting articles of mine about JavaScript, React, GraphQL and Machine Learning in JS. It’s quite a lot, but I invest much time right now in exploring new things and writing about those for you. I hope you find them as exciting and useful as I do.

A Guide to Machine Learning in JavaScript
Fortunately, the article turned out to be very comprehensive. It captures the status quo of Machine Learning in JS and gives you a framework on how to learn Machine Learning as a web developer. It should give you everything you need to get started as a JavaScript enthusiast. If you are curious like me about the topic, you should definitely check it out to be a part of this movement in 2018. It’s definitely worth it.
Recognizing Digits with Neural Networks in JS
I have written about neural networks in JavaScript before on my website. But this doesn’t stop me to continue implementing exciting things with it. I am so curious where this leads us in 2018. Checkout this neural network in JavaScript which learns to recognize handwritten digits. If you enjoy these machine learning in JS topics, make sure to star the project on Github. Otherwise I never know if I should keep doing it :) I find these projects are the perfect bridge for web developers to get started in this fascinating world of machine learning.
How to learn your favorite framework in 2018?
I have written up my thoughts on this topic even though there are many of those articles popping up right now. Personally I find it’s more about getting into the right mindset to learn a subject rather than deciding which of those frameworks to learn in 2018. If you are just starting out to learn about React, Vue and Angular, this article might help you to get started with one of them. Everything just boils down to learning the fundamentals in JavaScript.
A GitHub Client with GraphQL, Apollo and React
The recent weeks I have written a GitHub client which consumes the new GitHub GraphQL API. Therefore I used Apollo for the first time in React and I found it quite impressive. Check out the GitHub repository and let me know what you think about it. Here again, please leave a star if you think it’s a good idea to work with Apollo and GraphQL. I am considering to write more about this topic and your opinion counts more than anything else :)
Get started with Webpack, Babel and React
Webpack 4 is in beta now and I took the time to update my minimal Webpack, Babel and React guide to the recent versions. If you have only used create-react-app so far but want to get started with Webpack and Babel, checkout this little guide to get you up and running. Webpack 4 will be exciting and it’s better to be prepared for your next applications in JavaScript.
Did you just finish to learn React?
If you have finished to read the Road to learn React and started to implement your own applications with plain React, it might be interesting for you to learn about advanced state management with Redux. Checkout Taming the State in React to learn Redux in React from 0 to 1. It’s a comprehensive yet pragmatic approach advance your skills in the React ecosystem. Afterward, you will be prepared to build your own applications with it.
That’s it. I hope these articles and projects are as fascinating for you as they are for me. I am pretty excited where all these things in JavaScript lead us this year. So stay tuned for more exciting content about it. 
Thank you for reading, Robin
P.S.: Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon if you have learned React with The Road to learn React. It would mean tons to me and keeps me producing quality content. Otherwise, keep telling your friends about the book :) You can find out more about how to support and work with me as a software engineer and web developer in my about me section.
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