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Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter - Issue #6

Hey there. Today I have tons of new articles about React and JavaScript for you that I have written o

Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter

November 14 · Issue #6 · View online
Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React, The Road to GraphQL, and many other online tutorials about JavaScript and its ecosystem. This is my newsletter which delivers comprehensive tutorials, books, and courses straight to your inbox. Quality content only. Give it a chance and become a better developer every month.

Hey there. Today I have tons of new articles about React and JavaScript for you that I have written over the course of the last four weeks. There might be the one or other interesting one for you! :-) 
Furthermore, there are two major news

Yes, you are right! I am going to write a new ebook as sequel for the Road to learn React. It will go beyond plain React! In the ebook, you will build a realistic React application using React Router, Firebase Authentication and Realtime Database, Styled Components, Semantic UI and sophisticated deployment. 
If you have enjoyed reading the Road to learn React, I hope to get you excited for the new one. That’s why I started a crowdfunding campaign with milestones and perks for you. I cannot do it without you, so check it out! My goal is to write the ebook as a full-time profession during the next two months to get it released in a timely manner.
What's new in React 16?
React 16 got released last month and I summarized all the changes for you. The legacy API didn’t change at all and you should be able to effortless upgrade your applications.  A couple of those React 16 features are already mentioned in the 4th edition of the Road to learn React as well.
SVG Backgrounds and MobX in React
There are two articles which might come in handy for you. The first one showcases how you can build reusable SVG backgrounds in React by building a Twitter wall. If you are not great at designing applications (like me), these backgrounds come in handy to add some flavor to your app. The second article guides you through the setup of MobX as state library in your React application. It uses decorators as exciting new JavaScript feature!
Hosting single or multiple React Applications
There a various tutorials showing you how to host your web applications with a couple of lines on any hosting solution. But that’s it. You are able to host your application somewhere, but there are a lot of open questions. What about using an own domain? What about securing it with SSL? What about hosting multiple applications side by side? This article should fill the void and provide you a solution.
How to build your own Course Platform in React
A long read about how I built my own course platform in React. It summarizes all my experiences from the idea to launch of a product. Perhaps it helps you to realize your own product one day too. Along the way, I had to make a couple of interesting decisions in order to bring the platform to reality.
Blog Series: Machine Learning in JavaScript
Recently I started to explore the world of machine learning. Since I didn’t want to learn too many new things on the side (e.g. Python), I started out to apply my learnings in JavaScript. The first article about linear regression with gradient descent gives you an introduction to the topic of machine learning and demonstrates it in JavaScript.
React, Redux and MobX Course Update
One month ago I launched my new course teaching Redux in React. Great to see so many of you enrolling in it! Since then, the course has become more affordable for people from specific countries. So check it out again! If you have learned plain React, but struggle to move around all the props and state, you may want to introduce Redux as global state container! Redux will not go away in the near future, so it might be a great time to pick it up.
That’s it from my side :-) I hope to see you around making the new ebook about React’s ecosystem a reality.
All the best, 
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