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Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter - Issue #11

Hello everyone, as mentioned I am back on track creating content for you. This time, it is all about

Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter

May 1 · Issue #11 · View online
Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React, The Road to GraphQL, and many other online tutorials about JavaScript and its ecosystem. This is my newsletter which delivers comprehensive tutorials, books, and courses straight to your inbox. Quality content only. Give it a chance and become a better developer every month.

Hello everyone, as mentioned I am back on track creating content for you. This time, it is all about GraphQL in React, because I am planning to release “The Road to GraphQL with React” in the coming weeks. The last three weeks, my focus was on writing the next larger chapter of the book which took a lot from me.
This chapter takes you on the journey to build a full-fledged application with Apollo in React. The best thing about it: You can already read it as a preview of the book. Over the last weeks, I put all my effort into this chapter, so I hope you like it.

Robin Wieruch
Almost finished the Apollo (@apollographql) in React chapter today. 10 days of intensive writing, proofreading, editing and an eye infection + hospital visit in Malaysia in between. It takes up probably more than half of the upcoming book 🙂

#ReactJs #GraphQL
A React with Apollo and GraphQL Tutorial
This excerpt of the book is meant to be your personal journey to learn everything about Apollo Client in React. You will learn how to use Apollo Client in a React application and how to query and mutate data on a third-party platform. Along the way, you will implement and use all the exciting features which are offered by Apollo Client and React combined: caching, pagination, optimistic UI, prefetching of data, and server-side filtering. So if you want to get started with GraphQL in React, you should definitely check it out. I believe GraphQL will become even bigger this year, so even if you don’t need it in your professional life yet, keep an eye on it.
Robin Wieruch
Releasing "a complete React with Apollo and GraphQL Tutorial" for building a GitHub client 🚀

Apollo Client without and with React and #GraphQL ⚛️✅
👉 Pagination
👉 Optimistic UI
👉 Caching
👉 Prefetching
👉 Consistent Local State
➕ Lots of Exercises
Did you hear about React's new Context API?
The following article is for everyone who hasn’t heard about React’s Context API. Keeping it short: React already had a context API but it wasn’t highly advertised before. Now the API got revamped. Basically, the API is a way to pass props from a parent component far down to child components without bothering the components in between with props. The mechanism is used by popular libraries such as Redux, MobX or Apollo Client. So if you are struggling with passing lots of props down the component tree, but don’t want to introduce a state management solution such as Redux (yet), you can give React’s Context API a shot. However, my personal opinion is that you shouldn’t overdo it but use React’s local state or a state management library instead.
What matters as we reach the end of life
The last time, I gave a couple of book recommendations and people really enjoyed them. So I want to continue with it, because I read lots of books in my spare time and I believe they can have a lasting positive effect on oneself. 
The recent book I read was an emotional ride because of personal circumstances in my past. It’s called Being Mortal and is about what matters as we reach the end of life. It’s a popular book, so maybe you know it, but I encourage everyone who matches one of the following statements to give it a try:

  • You have an elder to take care of.
  • You have someone ill in your social circle.
  • You want to engage yourself with the thought of mortality.
That’s it from my side. Hopefully, the content serves you as an inspiration and is helpful in your doings. I am pretty excited for “The Road to GraphQL with React”-book, so I hope to get your support on it. Currently I am working full time to finish the manuscript. So stay tuned :)
Thank you so much for reading, Robin
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