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Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter - Issue #10

Hello everyone, it's Robin, I am finally back on track creating more content about JavaScript, React

Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Newsletter

April 12 · Issue #10 · View online
Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React, The Road to GraphQL, and many other online tutorials about JavaScript and its ecosystem. This is my newsletter which delivers comprehensive tutorials, books, and courses straight to your inbox. Quality content only. Give it a chance and become a better developer every month.

Hello everyone, it’s Robin, I am finally back on track creating more content about JavaScript, React and Machine Learning. The last months were kinda busy for me, because I started with my first workshops in Berlin teaching teams at companies about web development, JavaScript, and React. It was a blast, I learned tons of new things that I can apply for my online courses too, but now I am relieved having the time to do my own projects for the next weeks. 
That’s why I was super eager to start working on my GraphQL in React (e)book. The plan is to publish a couple of chapters from the book as articles on my websites before the book gets released. That’s where I hope to get honest feedback from you about the content to make it a great learning resource for people to dive into GraphQL when using React. My goal would be to make it as successful to teach people about a technology as The Road to learn React and Taming the State in React. So read more about the first article/chapter below.

A complete React with GraphQL Tutorial
I have a good feeling that this tutorial is the perfect entry point for people using React who want to dip their toes into GraphQL. It’s a comprehensive way of learning the client-side usage of GraphQL without and with React. Along the way, you will build your own application where you have the opportunity to conduct exercises as well. This tutorial will be one of the first chapters in the book, so I am keen about your thoughts. The next step will be introducing Apollo’s GraphQL Client library in React.
What is the future of the React.js developer?
Recently I started being active on Quora again. I find it a valuable part of my daily doings contributing to those platforms to help out others or to offer a perspective on certain topics. If you are interested, checkout my recent and more popular answers for these three questions:
A Movie Recommender System in JavaScript
Apart from my React.js doings, I am still working on BRIIM to get Machine Learning (ML) in JavaScript to the next level for 2018. If you are interested in a breakdown of all the ML projects written in JavaScript, checkout this overview of the organization. For instance, I am particularly proud of this Movie Recommender System build with Node.js which uses a real movie database. It took me quite a while to get it right, so far I didn’t receive much feedback about its correctness, but I am keen to hear anyones thoughts about it to fill my own knowledge gaps about those topics.
How to become the best in your field?
Recently, I had time to read two books which were on my reading list for a while. Since I learn tons of things by just reading books from great authors, I want to recommend these two for you: So good they can’t ignore you and Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. They are about becoming a master in your field of expertise by providing excellent insights into studies and thoughts of the authors. If you are just about to graduate, I highly recommend them to you as guidance for your future career path. 
That’s it from my side. I hope you got a couple of great learning resources and inspirations from my content. I am pretty excited for the GraphQL in React book, so I hope getting your support for it. At this time, I am working full time on it to release it in the following weeks as quality learning resource to learn about GraphQL. So stay tuned for it :)
Thank you so much for reading, Robin
P.S.: Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon if you have learned React with The Road to learn React. It would mean tons to me and keeps me producing quality content in the future. Otherwise, just tell your friends about the book :)
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