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Robin Wieruch - A Developer's Digest - Issue #16


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November 20 · Issue #16 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hey folks, it’s Robin. You may know me from my book The Road to learn React. The last few weeks were a crazy rollercoaster as I worked hard on my new book The Road to GraphQL and I was finally able to launch it two weeks ago. It’s available on my website, more than 9.000 people have downloaded it so far, and it’s also on Amazon now. Thanks for all your support on this :-)

React Hooks
What else is going on in React-land? The React team has released an alpha version of a feature called React Hooks. Essentially, they will allow you to use state and side-effects in function components whereas before you had to refactor your component to a class component. If you want to learn more about React Hooks, checkout my two guides: What are React Hooks? and How to fetch data with React Hooks?
React and Node Starter Tutorials
I’ve upgraded my minimal React starter project and minimal Node.js starter project to the recent Webpack 4 and Babel 7 versions. If you want to get started from scratch or just want to know how the tooling works behind the scenes, check them out.
Props and Render Props
Many people found my take on render prop pattern very useful. It runs through a real use case that naturally evolves into using render prop components. If you are just starting out with React, you may have not heard about this advanced concept in React. That’s why I have another useful long read tutorial to understand everything about props in React for React beginners, too.
I hope you stay tuned for more content from my side in order to stay up to date with the JavaScript-, React- and GraphQL ecosystem. Also, I am really keen to hear your feedback on The Road to GraphQL, but also other stuff you may be interested in to see from my side.
Last week I started to continue with my Firebase + React book. If you have any feedback on what you would want to see in this book, please reply to this E-Mail or find me on Twitter/Facebook.
Best wishes, Robin
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