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React Libraries, Testing, and JavaScript Fundamentals


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June 25 · Issue #29 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hey friends. It’s Robin with your once in a while Newsletter about React and the JavaScript world. This month I have lots of new tutorials for you.
Before we dive into them, I wanted to tell you that I released a new The Road to React version over the last weeks that comes with a brand new testing chapter featuring React Testing Library and lots of illustrations to improve the learning experience.
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React Libraries and Styling
Every year, I update my walkthrough about libraries in React. If you are new to React, the ecosystem can be quite overwhelming. This guide gives you a well-rounded outline of it.
What are your must-have libraries in React?
If you want to get into testing in React, check out this extensive introduction to React Testing Library. If this isn’t enough for you, check out the new version of The Road to React which has a brand new testing chapter as well.
Which library are you using for testing React applications?
If you are new to React or just got started with React Hooks, I have these three guides for you showing you how to add, update, and remove items in list components in React.
JavaScript Fundamentals
Whether you already code proficiently in React or you are just getting started, revisiting naming conventions in JavaScript is a great exercise. In this guide I have written up everything I know about naming JavaScript variables.
If you are just getting started with JavaScript, this very beginner friendly guide tells you everything you need to know about JavaScript variables that range from primitives to objects.
It’s already a while ago that I updated my JavaScript fundamentals for React tutorial, however, I bet it’s still useful for many of you who get started with React. Here you will learn all the fundamentals for class components and functions components.
Personal Recommendation
I’ve given this recommendation before, but if you haven’t watched Dark on Netflix yet, you need to get started with it :-) It’s only a few days until the release of its final third season and I cannot wait to see it. Is there someone out there who is as hyped as I am?
That’s it from me :-)
I hope you like my new tutorials and the update for The Road to React.
Best, Robin
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