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June 15 · Issue #33 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hi friends! It’s been a while since you last heard from me, but I have a good reason: I became a dad last year and the whole situation required me to prioritize family over coding :-)
However, things have settled now, we have established some kind of routine (as much as you can with a little one who is always teething, in a leap or a growth spurt), and even though I couldn’t be happier with my little one Liam, I want to get back on track with teaching JavaScript.
Over the last months I have been working on quite a lot of things, so I want to share some of them with you!

React Table Library
Recently, I did lots of freelance work for my clients. For one of them I open sourced a table library, because all the available table libraries didn’t meet my client’s requirements.
I am proud about its customizability (see Themes), its tree table feature (see Tree), and its server-side capabilities as first-class citizen (see Server). But look for yourself in the documentation.
If you like it, let me know by replying to this email :-)
To get you started, check out this short tutorial from my blog.
React Table Library with Material UI Theme
React Table Library with Material UI Theme
Webpack 5
Webpack 5 has been released some time ago and I rewrote my complete tutorial series (tweet) – from vanilla JavaScript over React to advanced Webpack – for it. These are the most impactful tutorials:
Do you prefer to use the new kids Vite or Snowpack over Webpack?
React Performance
Especially useCallback is one of these React Hooks that you should be aware of. It’s not only there to improve performance, but also to pass stable handler functions to React’s useEffect Hook:
What are closures and callback functions?
Every once in a while I explain fundamental JavaScript concepts on my blog. This time, I wanted to cover callback functions and closures.
Especially the example for closures should be a good one, because as far as I remember, a similar explanation made me understand closures as well.
That’s it from my side for this month. There is so much more stuff I want to share with you, but that gets delivered piece by piece into your inbox with my next monthly Newsletters. Anyway, I hope you like the content!
PS.: I consider writing a new book and would like to hear about your favorite topic.
How do you like the new book cover?
How do you like the new book cover?
Pick of the Month
I am mostly into nonfiction books, however, with a newborn in a sling in front of me I had lots of time to listen to audiobooks while walking an average of 12 kilometres (~7.5 miles) a day. That’s why these 200 pages nonfiction books didn’t cut it anymore, so I started listening to The Stormlight Archive and very much enjoyed it!
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