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March 13 · Issue #20 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hello everyone, it’s Robin. Happy to catch up with you again. In React land everyone is excited about React Hooks which were released in February.
What are React Hooks in one sentence? They enable you to write Function Components with state and side-effects.
If you haven’t heard about them, make sure to check out this React Hooks Introduction. If you want to dig deeper into React Hooks, using state, side-effects, and reducer hooks, check out this in-depth walkthrough on how to use them for fetching data. I believe React Hooks will change a lot how we will write web applications in 2019, so both articles should cover a lot of ground for you.
I have scheduled a few more tutorials covering more about Function Components with React Hooks for the next month. Stay tuned :)

Getting Started with JavaScript Servers
For every JavaScript developer there will come a time when one has to dive into server-side applications. React is only one part of becoming a full-stack developer, so what about dipping your toes into the other part with Node.js to write your first server application? I released a tutorial series on how to write REST APIs with JavaScript:
Both series start out with the same foundation, but split up into MongoDB and PostgreSQL eventually. You can try out both in the end to get to know both database technologies.
After you went though the tutorial series, you can check out The Road to GraphQL to transition from REST to GraphQL for your client-server communication.
Why React Component Composition?
Just recently I wrote a blog post about React Component Composition, because I covered this topic extensively in my latest workshop. If you don’t know why Component Composition makes sense, it is a good idea to check it out. Afterward, you will also know how to apply it to accomplish clean component interfaces.
Q&A for JavaScript and React
I have been active on Quora again. If you are keen to get my perspective on topics around the JavaScript ecosystem, give me a follow over there. Here are three answers that may be interesting for you:
That’s it from my side for this month. I hope all the new content is interesting to you. See you again next month with lots more React and JavaScript! Best, Robin
Book Recommendations
I already finished a few books this year, but I was rather disappointed by them. My all-time favorite combination of books that I want to recommend to you, however, are these:
I find both books are the ultimate combination for living a happy life. That’s why I wrote about them previously, because I feel like combining them gives you super powers for your personal and professional life.
PS.: As always, I am super happy about your nice reviews on Amazon. If you have read one of my books and it had an impact on you, it would mean the world to me if you head over and leave your feedback there.
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