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April 11 · Issue #36 · View online

Hello, it's Robin. I am the author of books such as The Road to React and much more content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

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Hey everyone. I’ve been busy with lots of freelance work over the last months, so I didn’t have the chance to share my recent work and catch up with you.
However, I wasn’t idle and things have calmed down a bit, so here I am to share what I have been up to :-)

Modern Web Development Setup
After several years of working with my good old MacBook Pro 2015, I bought a new one this year and have been working with it for over three months now. Here I shared my whole web development setup and kept it up-to-date.
It includes:
  • nitty gritty system preferences
  • all applications set up via Homebrew
  • VSCode, iTerm2, Oh my ZSH configuration
  • and much more …
Before anyone asks: I chose the 14-inch over the 16-inch :-)
React Libraries
Every year I give a rundown of all the popular libraries in React’s ecosystem to give people an overview of the status quo in React land. I group them by category such as …
  • State Management
  • Data Fetching
  • CSS Styling
  • UI Libraries
… and many more. I hope the comprehensive guide helps you to find your way in React.
Question for you: Which UI library are you using these days: The well-established Material UI, the new kid on the block a la Mantine, or a candidate in between like Chakra UI? Maybe it’s something entirely else. Let me know by replying to this E-Mail.
React Router 6
I have been using React Router 6 since it’s release in two of my projects and can only say great things about it. With the upcoming integrations in RR (data queries, data mutations, error handling on route level), I am super excited to share all my learnings in a tutorial series. Here are four great pieces to get you started, however, you will find more on my website:
Prettier + ESLint
Who doesn’t use Prettier and ESLint? I have upgraded my tooling tutorial series which helps you to integrate both in your React project and VS Code. It should follow the recent best practices and extensions, so check them out:
Pick of the Month
Over the last months I’ve watched three TV shows that stood out to me. Maybe you share the same taste here, so I wanted to give them a shoutout:
  • Arcane: Even if you do not like animations or the gaming, the show is still great to watch. It has a great story and personally sets a new milestone in engaging animation techniques in my opinion.
  • Cobra Kai: I didn’t watch the old Karate Kid movies nor am I into the sport. However, after getting past the first episodes where one cannot decide if you like it or not, it’s only getting better. I really like how they use the same cast which they had 30 years ago.
  • Euphoria: The first episodes are a lot to take in tbh. However, the show does a great job in cast, creativity, and storytelling. Can only recommend it.
That’s it from my side for this month. I am working on lots of stuff these days, so I am really looking forward to share more in the next mails. I hope everyone of you is staying healthy and safe during these times.
Best, Robin
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