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The Gold Exchange II (Kinda)

The Video Store Guy's ramblings
The Video Store Guy's ramblings
  More than ten years after the column concluded, I am thrilled to have been able to bring The Gold Exchange to life as a book earlier in 2022. Its 400 pages of interviews and analysis offer probably the best single resource ever put to the printed page about Booster Gold.
  (Not the great resource, period, because exists.)
  The only thing about The Gold Exchange is that it consists primarily of “director’s cut” style interviews, and it’s necessary you have the comics that those interviews are commenting on close at hand in order for some of it to make sense. After all, they were originally printed as news stories on the week the issues came out. The idea was to address cool scenes, interesting story choices, and the ongoing mysteries of a monthly serialized story. It really only holds together as a book, if you are already deeply invested in Booster Gold as a character.
  By coincidence, just days after The Gold Exchange paperback became a reality, The CW revealed that Donald Faison was set to play a new time-traveling hero on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the description…well, it sounded a lot like Booster.
  I quickly realized that fans of the show would want to know more about the character – after all, this was the first major DC character added to the series in years, and in that time, the show had taken on a wildly different personality of its own.
  So tonight, as the world gets to see Booster Gold come to live-action for only the second time on TV, I’m announcing A Legend in His Own Time: The Fast-Forward Guide to the Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of. Available as a paperback and ebook in July, A Legend In His Own Time is a condensed and annotated version of The Gold Exchange, trimming much of what the TV audience would consider the fat and providing some additional context for Booster and his history.
  I’ve recruited Booster Gold superfan Kevin Allen to help wrangle the 600 or so pages of total Booster content I have down to something that can be quickly and inexpensively distributed, so fans can breeze through it before Legends hopefully returns in the fall.
  Do you want to know more about a character who’s funny, smart, flawed, and ultimately one of the best original characters created for comics in the last 40 years? This primer is for you. Watch this space for pricing and details, or go to to preorder.

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The Video Store Guy's ramblings
The Video Store Guy's ramblings

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