Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #9



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Runtime Verification  Newsletter
Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #9
We are back with the first newsletter of the year! In this issue, we are bringing all the updates and news from Runtime Verification for the month of December and January.
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We are ready for 2022!
At Runtime Verification, we are ready for a new year to keep accomplishing new milestones together with our auditors, clients, supporters, and community. We want to take the chance to thank everyone who crossed paths with us one way or another during 2021, and we are ready to make 2022 even better!
Audit updates
Our team finished a series of audits during the month of December (before going into a well-deserved break) and January: Alchemix (built on Ethereum), SundaeSwap (an AMM built on Cardano), and Algodex and Yieldly (both built on Algorand). We will be publishing more information, such as reports and blog posts, real soon.
Runtime Verification becomes Algorand Foundation's security partner
We have been working with Algorand, the Algorand Foundation and ecosystem projects for quite some time now. Last month, we finally announced Runtime Verification as Algorand Foundation’s new security partner. We are looking forward to continuing working with more projects during 2022 and in the years to come.
Stakefish audit completion
Last October, Runtime Verification audited stakefish Ethereum staking 2.0. We recently published a full technical report describing the findings and a blog post detailing the audit for non-technical users wanting to know more about the engagement and results. 
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Runtime Verification  Newsletter

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