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Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #8

Runtime Verification  Newsletter
Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #8
Hi everyone! In this issue, we are bringing all the updates and news from Runtime Verification for the month of November. 
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Thanks for joining Formal Verification in the Ethereum ecosystem event
Earlier this month, “Formal Verification in the Ethereum Ecosystem” took place online at Crowdcast. We would like to thank everyone who joined and all the speakers who made the event possible. If anyone missed the event, we have good news! All the talks can be re-watched on the Crowdcast event page for free.
Runtime Verification at global events
Before wrapping up 2021, some team members joined a series of events around the globe. While Musab Alturki, our lead auditor for Algorand projects, gave a talk at Decipher event in Miami about Best Practices for Securing Algorand’s Smart Contracts; Everett Hildenbrandt and Andrei Vacaru delivered two different workshops at CoinFestUK in Manchester about testing and formal verification.
The Maiar DEX is live
Elrond team has launched the Maiar DEX, the first AMM running on the Elrond Network. Runtime Verification has been working closely with the Elrond team, auditing and reviewing a series of smart contracts to look for any possible vulnerabilities and suggesting a series of improvements in different development stages.
Element's Finance Governance Protocol Audit
At the beginning of November, our team finished auditing Element’s Finance Governance Protocol. The public report and a detailed blog post with non-technical information to understand the audit is already available. The goal of this audit was to check if the smart contracts related to Element’s new governance protocol had any vulnerabilities that could represent a risk for its users.
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Runtime Verification  Newsletter

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