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Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #2

Runtime Verification  Newsletter
Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #2
Hi everyone! In this issue, we are bringing all the updates and news from Runtime Verification for the month of May. 
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New Cosmos Blog Post
We recently published a new blog post about our latest engagement with the Cosmos team. The engagement focused on the staking and the distribution modules, which are core components of the Cosmos blockchain. The team focused on describing the code, ensuring correctness of the documentation and making it easier to understand.
0xhack Event
If you missed Rikard Hjort at 0xhack on Thursday (May 26th), the recording is already available on YouTube. The talk explores security risks, how to mitigate them, formal verification, and it introduces our ERC20 token verifier tool.
Runtime Verification: K Framework for Smart Contract Formal Verification  with Rikard Hjort
Runtime Verification: K Framework for Smart Contract Formal Verification with Rikard Hjort
Element Finance Audit
Runtime Verification recently conducted an audit on the Element Finance smart contract. Element Finance offers BTC, ETH, and USDC at a discount, introducing high fixed yield income to the DeFi market. All identified issues were either patched or resolved. More details can be found in the official report.
New Client Engagements
We are proud to announce the onboarding of two new clients: Alchemix, a future yield tokenization protocol, and Tinyman, a decentralized trading protocol that utilizes Algorand blockchain. Further details about the engagements will be published soon.
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Runtime Verification  Newsletter

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