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Monthly Updates from Runtime Verification #1

Runtime Verification  Newsletter
Monthly Updates from Runtime Verification #1
Hi everyone! We decide it’s time to re-launch our monthly newsletter to keep our community updated about the latest news and development updates. If you enjoy this newsletter, share it with your friends and feel free to give us any feedback for the next issue.

See you in Discord
If you have been following our work, you are interested in the K framework, or you are using our tools, we have good news: we created our own Discord channel. We want to keep in touch with the community and help with any questions regarding K and our tools, such as Firefly and ERC20 token verifier.
Updated Dashboard for Firefly
Firefly has a new look. We have launched a new dashboard to make it easier for users to check their results and share them with 3rd parties if they want to. You can now log in using your Github account and access your personal dashboard, showing all the results and detailed information.
Cosmos engagement for documentation
Runtime Verification has successfully concluded its engagement with Cosmos. The team designed and wrote the documentation for the staking and distribution modules for Cosmos and looked into the code to check if it worked as intended. An article with all the results will be published soon.
Champaign Blockchain Meetup
Everett Hildebrandt and Patrick MacKay joined the Champaign Blockchain Meetup last April 16th. Some of the topics discussed during the sessions were formal verification, K framework and blockchain.
Runtime Verification with Patrick MacKay and Everett Hildenbrandt
Runtime Verification with Patrick MacKay and Everett Hildenbrandt
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Runtime Verification  Newsletter

Monthly updates about Runtime Verification and K Framework.

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