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Monthly updates about Runtime Verification and K Framework.

Monthly updates about Runtime Verification and K Framework.

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Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #11

At the begging of the month, the whole team took a break to join the first official retreat in the city of Barcelona. After waiting for a long time to have the chance to travel again without restrictions, we chose the city of Barcelona to spend a week doing t…


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #10

During the month of February, we have published a series of reports and dedicated blog posts summarizing the details of the audits, including Alchemix (Ethereum), Pact and Folks Finance (Algorand), and QuipuSwap (Tezos).


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #9

At Runtime Verification, we are ready for a new year to keep accomplishing new milestones together with our auditors, clients, supporters, and community. We want to take the chance to thank everyone who crossed paths with us one way or another during 2021, an…


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #8

Earlier this month, "Formal Verification in the Ethereum Ecosystem" took place online at Crowdcast. We would like to thank everyone who joined and all the speakers who made the event possible. If anyone missed the event, we have good news! All the talks can b…


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #7

We are just twelve days away from our online free event about Formal Verification in the Ethereum Ecosystem. We have updated our website with a new agenda and a complete list of speakers. If you are interested in learning more about formal verification or wan…


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #6

We are thrilled to announce Tinyman's audit completion and the publication of the official report and a dedicated blog post. Tinyman is a permissionless and trustless trading protocol built on the Algorand Blockchain.


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #5

A new blog post tutorial with a youtube walk-through about proving in K from zero is already available. The blog post covers different resources and six exercises with tutorials and solutions. It's the first tutorial of many more to come, so stay tuned!


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #4

Rikard Hjort hosted a workshop about a technical hands-on introduction to formal verification at EthCC Paris last week. Some team members also went to Paris and attended side events happening around Paris during the week. If you want to reconnect, please say …


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #3

We are proud to announce that we have raised $5.3 million in a funding round led by IOSG Ventures. It is the first-ever founding round conducted by the company and it will be used to accelerate the development of tooling intended to enhance the safety, reliab…


Runtime Verification Newsletter - Issue #2

We recently published a new blog post about our latest engagement with the Cosmos team. The engagement focused on the staking and the distribution modules, which are core components of the Cosmos blockchain. The team focused on describing the code, ensuring c…


Monthly Updates from Runtime Verification #1

If you have been following our work, you are interested in the K framework, or you are using our tools, we have good news: we created our own Discord channel. We want to keep in touch with the community and help with any questions regarding K and our tools, s…