Building meaningful futures - Issue #4

“What are your values?” is one of my favourite questions I ask business leaders these days on my busi
December 4 - Issue #4

Rudy de Waele

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“What are your values?” is one of my favourite questions I ask business leaders these days on my business trips. I am always surprised of how few of them can actually name the values by which they live by or that are representative for the company - Sign ‘O’ the Times? Most of the answers go by “creating great products” to “making people’s lives easier” or “contributing to a better world”, etc. Each one of them used to sound ok till recently but now I cannot take them as quite sufficient anymore to fit in my personal or professional narrative.
I think we all need to start doing better; we’re in a period in time where ‘good enough’ is just not good enough anymore.
At the Socratic Design Workshop, run by Humberto Schwab in London last week, an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs, academics and executives from Belgium, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK and USA, designed some of the following values by which they want to live by and build their futures upon: Children, Truth, Curiosity, Learning, Freedom, Integrity, Heart, Joy and Wondering; all definitely introducing a new direction in designing the future of business.
The key question, put forward by the group, we worked on during the workshop was “What will be the future of Europe?
During a Socratic dialogue, we could move together through the exercise of listening and argumentation, exploring different angles and come to a joint conclusion. Europe is basically a brand of social equality, human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, individual protection against governments and cultural diversity.
Moreover, the societies of the Member States are characterised by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men. Building the European Union has been a process that transcends from the Antiquity, the Renaissance period, the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution and still develops new concepts like protecting the rights for persons belonging to minorities.
Reflecting on Europe and its place in the world, we realised that with the coming of exponential technologies to business and society, Europe has potentially the strongest answer to societies’ future challenges of, for example, the automation of everything, robotics and artificial intelligence. The opportunities for Europe lies in the further development of humanity in all its richness, and even bring a stronger focus on BUILDING, learning and development, and on the meta cultural capacities humans have.
The European values become of greater importance in this world of further polarisation around us. The workshop group believes it’s worthwhile protecting those values.
What about you? What are your values for the future and your business? Do you keep doing business as usual or are you changing your strategies for the future?
Ping me anytime if you want to start a conversation on this topic.

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