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Ruben Vivanti
Ruben Vivanti
Hey it’s me again, this time with some thoughts about MVC - Minimum Viable Communities.

How can you test your community concept?
Similar to the MVP, minimum viable product, for your digital product there is a community version the Minimum Viable Community or MVC.
But what is a Minimum Viable Community?
“A Minimum Viable Community (MVC) is, in essence, the smallest group of people needed to come together for a shared purpose — to create a community.”
By Commsor
“An MVC is the smallest action you can take to bring people together. An MVC is not necessarily a community, yet. The intentions and vision are probably there, but the community may not be.”
By Rosie Sherry
How can you start define your MVC?
Define the Who and the Why as first step and then you can start iterating based on user feedback.
  • WHO - Define your community member persona, understand your audience and what can you do to help them
  • WHY - Why the community exist, what value are you creating and and why people should join
I like the Community Canvas cause they help you answer the most important question and visualize them.
More Resources on MVC
  1. - A 5-week program designed for young Gen Z/Y startups where we’ll deep-dive into your community efforts, identify hidden insights, and build your MVC from the ground up.
  2. Overwhelmed By Community Building? Focus On A Minimum Viable Community
  3. A Guide to Minimum Viable Community (MVC) by Rosie Sherry
  4. Build your Minimum Viable Community in 3 weeks - Don’t know how to grow your community beyond the initial excitement? Join this cohort to design your community strategy, generate sustainable flywheels and take your community to the next level.
  5. Minimum Viable Community: Designing the concept and prototype of your Community of Practice
  6. From Minimal Viable Product to Minimal Viable Community
  7. Building a minimum viable community
Some Twitter Thoughts on MVC
Alexis Ohanian 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣
Some of y'all don't want to hear this, but need to: Minimum Viable Community is the new MVP.
David Spinks
The minimum viable community (MVC) is the new minimum viable product (MVP).
Jeff Morris Jr. (🎨,🎨)
Web 2.0: Minimum Viable Product
Web 3.0: Minimum Viable Community
Rosie Sherry
Minimum Viable Communities are the building blocks of your community flywheel.
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Thanks for reading!
Ruben ✌️
Looking for more Community resources Check out CommunityStash.
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Ruben Vivanti
Ruben Vivanti @RubenVivanti

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