Hi, from Amsterdam 👋

Hi, friends! I'm currently writing this email from a beautiful brick cafe in Amsterdam. ☕️
May 21 · Issue #6 · View online
Ryan Hoover
Hi, friends! I’m currently writing this email from a beautiful brick cafe in Amsterdam. ☕️

My first Amsterdam meetup 🎉
Early Friday morning, before my talk at The Next Web Conference, I joined these lovely Product Hunt folks at TQ, a space for tech entrepreneurs:
It’s awesome to meet so many talented makers from across the world IRL, including Martijn, the founder of Revue (the service I’m using to send this email). Thanks so much for putting this event together, Bram! 🙏
If you’re interested in hosting a meetup in your city, read this.
What I'm upvoting 🔼
Not Hotdog
Jian-Yang from HBO’s Silicon Valley launched an innovative 🌭 recognition app. Game changer.
Echo Show
Amazon’s rumored Alexa-powered touchscreen assistant is available to order for $229.99, shipping late June. I’m excited to see what makers build for this new device.
Medium Audio Stories
A few days ago Ev revealed the next stage in his plans to fix the internet, introducing “Odeo 2.0”, professionally voice-read Medium articles only for paying subscribers. Interestingly, my good friend Ian and co launched an app called Umano just for this over 3 years ago. It has since shut down. Too early?
Framed Tweets
The award for most ridiculous product this month goes to Framed Tweets. Kanye may have deleted his Twitter account but now you can memorialize his tweets on your wall, forever.
What I'm reading 📖
Who I'm following 🐥
Nathan Bashaw, Founder of Hardbound
Nathan is one of the most thoughtful product people I know and one of the reasons why Product Hunt exists. Watch his recent pitch at Techstar’s demo day.
Jonathan Howard, Growth Engineer
Jonathan’s a good friend of mine and one of the most curious people I know, often playing with new tech, mixing music, and exploring the Bay area on his bike. 🚴
Danielle Newnham, Co-founder F equals
I have yet to meet London-based Danielle but have come to appreciate her contributions to the tech industry through her female-focused clothing and writing.
What I'm listening to 🎶
AngelList Angel Funds 🚀
I’m incredibly excited about the recent announcement of Angel Funds, empowering a new wave of investors. From Quartz:
“A full disaggregation of venture is happening,” says Ravikant. “Venture is not a niche business that has to be protected and sheltered.”
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