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Did you apply to YC? 🤔

Hi, friends! This is my 4th digest since I revived my newsletter a few months ago. Thanks for not uns
March 26 · Issue #4 · View online
Ryan Hoover
Hi, friends! This is my 4th digest since I revived my newsletter a few months ago. Thanks for not unsubscribing… yet. 😁

Observations reviewing YC applications 🤔
The deadline to apply to Y Combinator was Friday, 8pm. That morning, I offered to provide feedback to hopeful applicants (warning: the advice might be worth the price paid 😛).
It was fun and energizing to learn about what people are building and how they plans to turn their dream into a reality. After reading several apps, there were a few things I found myself repeating that might be useful for others whether you’re applying to YC or not:
1. “Word-of-mouth” isn’t a growth strategy. It’s a hope. YC is looking for a sound plan or proof that you know how to acquire users.
2. Be aggressively succinct. YC partners spend a few minutes reading each application and will likely skip answers more than 6 sentences.
3. You have competition. Claiming that you have “no competitors” is often untrue and a negative signal. Competition = market validation.
Best of luck to everyone applying, and I’m happy to do mock interviews in April for those that land an interview. 😊
What I'm upvoting 🔼
Since the beta, Breaker’s become my favorite new addition to my homescreen, replacing Overcast as my player of choice. They just came out of Y Combinator’s latest batch, blending two things I love: community and podcasts.
Kaomoji for Mac
Because life is better with emoticons (งツ)ว
The co-founder of Ello launched a wacky Snapchat-like app called Wuu. We don’t need another app to share selfies with friends, but we didn’t need another social network when MySpace was at its peak. 😁
What I'm reading 📖
Silicon Valley’s secret (actually, it’s a video) by Laurie Segall
Who I'm following 🐥
Taylor Lorenz, Senior Editor at The Hill
She writes and shares good stuff on Twitter, with humor and personality.
Owen Williams, Digital Director at VanMoof and former Editor at TNW
Owen always has a good perspective on what’s new in tech (check out his newsletter). Fun fact: He will be joining me on stage at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam in a few months.
Casey Neistat, from the Internet
Casey is a pioneer in new media, having recently retired his vlog after years of publishing videos. every. single. day.
What I'm listening to 🎶
Inverno Mix 2017 with Goldroom
1 Night by Mura Masa
Our new top secret project 🙊
We’ve been quietly working on something new at Product Hunt. I’d love your feedback. Add your info here. 🙏
One last thing...
Gorillaz came out of hibernation to give us this awesome 360 degree music video.
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