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This newsletter was created to provide value for the highest concentration of Creators, Entrepreneurs, Makers, and Investors with unparalleled peer insight and expertise on The Creator Economy, Crypto, No-Code & Low-Code Technology, and Web3.

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Our Core Values:

  • Always act with integrity. In other words, if no one is even watching you should always do the right thing.
  • Be honest no matter what. We believe, at a fundamental level, that the truth always prevails. The truth will always prevail — it just may take some time.
  • Have empathy for everyone. Each person has their own story. Whether someone is having a bad day or bad year, always try to understand where they’re coming from. There is good in everyone — look for it.
  • Always provide more value than you receive. We were founded on the “51/49” principle. In every situation, provide 51% of the value in return for 49%. Our thesis is simple (although perhaps counterintuitive), the more you give in life, the more you will receive. Not the other way around.

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