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The Ownership Economy with Podcast Clips and Analysis

The Jonathan Kogan Show
My comments from when I was recording the clips are in bold below. Everything else you read is either from the podcast or from relevant research to support my analysis.
Definitely tweet at me letting me know what you think of the new format and the Audio Clips in general. Whether you like the audio and video clips or don’t like them, I’d love to hear from you.
Thank you for reading as always! :)
Jonathan Kogan
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The Pod Clips
The best Ownership Economy soundbites brought to you white-gloved, clean, and help save you time from ALL the podcast content that is out there. I listen to nearly all of them (seriously!).
Since I record certain clips I thought maybe you would enjoy them too. Here is my first go at this new style…all feedback is more than welcome!
NFTs Taking Off in 2021 And Helping Creators Monetize Their Artwork
NFTs Taking Off in 2021 And Helping Creators Monetize Their Artwork
Chip Wilson
Thank you, @tferriss. It was an honour and a pleasure to be a guest on your show.
Education Data Initiative
It's a great big post for Friday: an in-depth analysis of the return on investment for various college degrees, including multiple degree levels and fields of study.
The internet is being upgraded

Upgrade your company: start a DAO
Upgrade your community: make it tokenized
Upgrade your login: login with web3 wallet
Upgrade your video game: make it play to earn
Upgrade your jpeg: mint NFTs
Upgrade your payments: accept BTC/ETH

It's happening.
Minted my first @mxtterart NFT — artwork wasn't revealed so viewed the metadata on @OpenSea, revealing its IPFS location, which I opened natively in @brave.

#web3 is cool.
Banking for the Creator Economy (Video)
The first episode of Where It Happens featuring Howard Lindzon – the man behind StockTwits and early Robinhood investor – helps us rethink the financial industry, places big bets on Web3, and presents a new way to think about investing. And, hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg provide the Where It Happens community with a task that kept Greg up all night.
Karat: Banking for the Creator Economy | Where It Happens | S1E1
Karat: Banking for the Creator Economy | Where It Happens | S1E1
Eric Weiner
2. @_trwih with @SahilBloom and @gregisenberg just launched and should be on everyone's watchlist.

Fascinating ideas and topics. Favorite Ep. is the first one w/ @howardlindzon. Unbundling of Vanguard and the S&P still on the mind weeks later.
References (Bold = Youtube):
Sahil Lavingia
Just had an idea for my first billion-dollar company. Tomorrow, I start building it.
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