No-code fundraising, democratized education, and how Creators are the ones in control (or soon will be!)


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A university is far more than its curricula. People discover what and whom they love, develop the skills and EQ to build a career, and make the most meaningful professional and personal relationships of their lives.
When thinking about the future, it’s easy to extrapolate existing business models onto new technologies, but very hard to predict emergent behavior.
When the internet first came along, we created PDFs of newspapers online and said, “This will change everything!
But it didn’t. That was Twitter — the experimentations of an online community led to the emergence of a new peer-to-peer medium, native to the internet.
Similarly, the first generation of “ed-tech” (MOOCs, etc) failed to live up to the hype. Learning from their shortcomings, On Deck “re-bundles” community with curriculum. We build the tools and culture that makes peer to peer education rewarding and personal.
What emerged is a place for continuing education and socialization for every curious human with an IP address. Stanford University, native to the internet.

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Courtesy of: On Deck's Tweet Storm (Click the Diagram!)
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Tweet of the Week
Outlier Ventures ⛺️⛰
We are looking to support the best founders in #DeFi #NFTs #Web3
Applications for our Polkadot Base Camp program are now open 👇

We provide:
+ 5 month fully remote accelerator program
+ $50k cash💰
+ 🌐 World-class network and proven Polkadot mentors
👨‍💻 Hack of the Day
Startup Forms Library | Free Legal
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Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan @kogz

Crypto exposed the power of the Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership as a tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways. Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, and build more accessible products that bootstrap adoption & participation through better economic alignment with users. This newsletter is trying to accelerate this through education.

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