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An Ownership Economy Newsletter
Why haven’t you created your own app yet?
Have you ever used an app and thought it would be perfect if it had a certain something too? Or wished you could have an app that would have all the features that would make your daily life easier but never found one?
If you’re looking for a sign to make your ideas come to life then this is it. Today, we’re featuring some apps you can use to build your own applications or automate your processes entirely with no-code.
What are you waiting for? Check them out now!

🔦 Tool Spotlights:, Bravo Studio, Flowsana, Webflow
How To Build A Zendesk Clone With No Code
Bravo Studio
Flowsana | Workflow Automation for Asana
No-Code but Full Design Capabilities with Webflow - TechAcute
📖 Reading List
Katherine Kostereva of Creatio: Low-code No-code Platforms are the Answer to the Growing Automation Challenge - Small Business Trends
The future belongs to no-code and AI, and there’s nothing you can do about it. | by Alexander Eckhart
DoControl Launches with $13.35M in Funding to Automate SaaS Data Access Controls
Oracle Cloud HCM introduces low-code/no-code template tools
APAC, Europe, America region to emerge as lucrative growth avenue for No-Code and Low-Code Development Platforms Software market by 2025
🦜 Tweet of the Day
Luhhu HQ
Being a small business owner usually means you’re a Jack of all trades — and a master of them all, as well. You need to close sales, create content, and keep everything going in the back office. It’s a lot to take on. But no-code tools can help.
👨‍💻 Video of the Day
Amit Zavery, VP/GM & Head of Business App. Platform, Google Cloud, on no-code software development
Amit Zavery, VP/GM & Head of Business App. Platform, Google Cloud, on no-code software development
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Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan @kogz

Crypto exposed the power of the Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership as a tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways. Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, and build more accessible products that bootstrap adoption & participation through better economic alignment with users. This newsletter is trying to accelerate this through education.

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