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Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter - Issue #59

An Ownership Economy Newsletter
How have small start-up companies turned into multi-billion dollar companies in such a short time?
No-code and low-code tech has been a game changer for entrepreneurs worldwide. It has paved way for business owners to automate processes without spending a fortune or writing a single line of code giving them more time to focus on things that matter.
So, what are you waiting for?

🔦 Tool Spotlights:,, Tines
The 2 Year Journey Of The Startup Transforming Conversations
Tines raises $26M Series B for its no-code security automation platform
Bangalore-based No-code AI Video Communication Platform Raises $300K In Seed Funding
📖 Reading List
How To Become a No-Code Founder in 8 Weeks
Council Post: Why No-Code Tech Is A Game-Changer For Identity-Proofing In The Era Of Digital Transformation
Effective ROI with No-Code Business Workflow Automation | Quixy
With no-code, digital leaders have strong responsibility to lead their organizations to digital success
App development platforms needing no code skill on rise
What to Know About No-code Data Pipelines for Data Warehouse Modernization
The Emergence of the No-Code Movement - Influencive
How the no code movement is changing companies
👨‍💻 Video of the Day
Instant AI Voiceovers using GPT-3 and Resemble AI's Custom AI Voices
Instant AI Voiceovers using GPT-3 and Resemble AI's Custom AI Voices
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Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan @kogz

Crypto exposed the power of the Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership as a tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways. Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, and build more accessible products that bootstrap adoption & participation through better economic alignment with users. This newsletter is trying to accelerate this through education.

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