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An Ownership Economy Demands Increased Access (#79)

The Jonathan Kogan Show
Historically, an individual consumer’s class, income and background played large roles in who became an investor. And while I wish I could say the demographic makeup of today’s shareholders in some of the largest corporations, technology companies and brands has changed completely in light of the fintech boom, unfortunately there is still a significant gap between owners and the everyday consumer.
We’re a country wherein only about half of Americans own stock, and while meme stocks and Reddit may have gotten more people excited about the market, it didn’t change the game for folks who are afraid to put their own capital at risk.
That means it’s up to all of us — fintech entrepreneurs, leadership at financial institutions and executives at publicly traded companies — to look at new ways of bringing ownership to Americans and to make the process less intimidating and more educational. 
Simplifying access points means more consumers can have a stake in the stock market, which means a more connected economy. As business leaders, we must ask ourselves how our organizations are meeting this new wave of retail investors.
How can we engage, educate and invite our everyday consumers to become a part of our story?

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In the last 5 years, we’ve paid $3.9 million in profit sharing to the ConvertKit team.

While most companies hope to return money to shareholders in a moonshot acquisition, we’ve created a unique model to help our team think like owners.

Here’s how our compensation model works:
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In Case You Forgot: A Podcast on the Ownership Economy Featuring Founder Rachit Khator
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