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A weekly dose of Product Design and Leadership from @rosschapman ⚡️

A weekly dose of Product Design and Leadership from @rosschapman ⚡️

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Building Reps in Onboarding 💥 #203

Hi everybody,When entering a new role, it's hard to know how to continue well after the excitement of onboarding, especially in a remote business.At obodo, we run an onboarding week. Typically in-person, it consists of deep dives in how the business works, ho…


The Best Ideas Aren't Always in the Room 🚪 #202

Hi everybody,This week, I've been in London with the team, onboarding new recruits (and having some fun!).To my mind, learning is something that should never stop. I even learnt some new things this week! Sometimes it's not about knowledge or process. For me,…


3 Changes I've Made ⏩ #201

Hi everybody,I've made a number of changes since I've become MD at obodo (check them out in this post on my rejuvenated blog).Having now got to the level I am, I'm working to become the best MD I can be. What I haven't outlined is what that decision really me…


What I'm doing with Remote Sprinters... 🌈 #200

How do you define UX? Darren Hood gives it a good go.Amazon to close all its physical book stores. A failed experiment is not always a bad one as long as there are learnings.What's new in Butter? Flashcard decks!Async is key, but how can you have more inclusi…


Transitions to Management 💼 #199

Hey everyone,Issue #199. We got there!These past couple of months have been a time for growing for me. I've gone from leading the design practice within obodo to leading the whole business. It is a transitional period and I do owe a lot to Charles, Kat and ot…


Next 12 months: ALL IN ⚡️ #198

Hi everybody,This past week, I've been in complete operations mode. Having recently been made Managing Director at obodo, it's now down to me (with the team) to set the strategy to achieve our goal of creating 1000 start-up products. Charles (obodo's owner) i…


Return of the Sprint ⚡️ #197

Sometimes I get asked to help people with their first workshop, or to run something by me. Well, I've made a super easy way of doing that - Get Workshop Ready with me! Discover more


Consistency 💀 #196

In this episode, Dom and Daphnée talk about hiring and onboarding remote team members, shaping the new normal, and mental health.


Metaverse of Madness 🔮 #195

Hi everybody,It's been a good week! On Wednesday, I realised that LinkedIn had enabled newsletter writing on my account, so I hurriedly put something together and hit 'Publish.'24 hours later, I had over 1000 subscribers. That felt nice.LinkedIn is becoming s…


What's Next for Design Sprints? 👀 #194

Hi everybody,Firmly autumnal weather as I sit here to share this week's issue. This morning, we went out in the wind and the rain to experience the demolition of the Fawley power station chimney - the same chimney that my son and I had seen from the South Dow…


Keep, Try, Drop 🙅‍♂️ #193

Hi everybody,Really appreciated the responses to the last issue! Thank you to those who responded. I'm writing this on a Monday this week. It's usually this time of year where I start reviewing what I'm doing and working out what to keep, what to try and what…


Backwards is comfort 🔙 #192

Hey everybody,A more traditional approach to this week's email newsletter, and it's been representative of what I've been feeling in recent weeks until this morning.Isn't it funny how we often look backwards for comfort? Whether that's going back to the offic…


Not an Easy Rider ⛰ #191

Appreciative of your support,-Ross


Changing Seasons & Making Decisions 🍁 #190

Dealing with FOMO in hybrid workshop collaboration video is up!Check it out.


Automate Everything! 🤖 #189

A mini session! How can you take a boring meeting and turn it into an exciting workshop? This week, I ran a mini session on sharing meetings we've rather not have, sharing a rather unique structure on how to turn it into a workshop, and then ending with a you…


Scrap It All and Start Over 💥 #188

thanks, Ross


"Fine" is death 💀 #187

I posted something to YouTube! Here, I captured a conversation with Renate Matroos, a designer and facilitator at Twenty 6 Consulting. We talked about designing a life you love and how to grow your side hustle.One key takeaway from me was that any business id…


Beat The Status Quo 💥 #186

Hi subscribers,I'm writing this issue in a car servicing garage. The air conditioning here has created a great opportunity to focus and get things done - especially this belated newsletter!I'm now in my second week at startup product studio obodo (do contact …


Rules of the Game 🎲 #185

Hi subscribers,Hope you're all doing well. It's a good Friday here. For one, it's my wife Steph's birthday today and we started it in an uncharacteristic way (for her!), by seeing the sunrise at the local beach.This is also the last working day (albeit on lea…


Even When Remote, Share a Note 📝 #184

Here's the video I was talking about! Only just discovered from when I ran a Design Sprint Bootcamp in Croatia in 2019. Still passionate about Sprints!