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What's Next for Design Sprints? 👀 #194

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
Firmly autumnal weather as I sit here to share this week’s issue.
This morning, we went out in the wind and the rain to experience the demolition of the Fawley power station chimney - the same chimney that my son and I had seen from the South Downs Way trip earlier this year. Whenever we saw it, we knew that home was nearby. A weird feeling.
I’ve been contemplating the design process the rest of this morning. About four years ago, I read the Sprint book and it changed how I approached design. Like completely. The instruction manual to do my job was right there. The method was aspirational, measured and felt absolutely right.
Last February, I ran a workshop at Google Relay. We were welcome to choose a variety of topics. There were the popular topics about inclusivity and creating engaging experiences - the ones that facilitators love to get into.
I chose the one topic I absolutely knew nothing about. Data. Data in design. I did this for two key reasons. The first is pretty self explanatory if you know me: Personal growth. This is why I do a lot of the things I do to be honest. Doing, rather than learning how to do, has been my method from day 1. Choosing a topic I know nothing about puts on the pressure to learn, in a pretty low risk way.
The second reason is probably more beneficial to this community: It’s ultimately where we need to get to. Data over assumption. Fact over guesswork. Launching rather than simulating.
We’ve coped well so far. 10 years of design sprints. A handful of variations. We ported the Design Sprint to a virtual space and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed navigating ‘the wild west’ of the remote practice, but I am getting increasingly excited about a new set of ‘instructions.’ More data-led, more product design, with the growth mechanics and product strategy so that anyone can solve their product problem - better.
I’m looking forward to investigating further. Will you join me?
Thank you for reading this issue,
thanks, Ross

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