Transitions to Management 💼 #199





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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hey everyone,
Issue #199. We got there!
These past couple of months have been a time for growing for me. I’ve gone from leading the design practice within obodo to leading the whole business. It is a transitional period and I do owe a lot to Charles, Kat and others who are supporting me through this. It’s going to take a few months, but because of the hard work, we’ve got a robust sales pipeline and can now start hiring. (Really looking for a Design Manager in US/LATAM)
Growth isn’t supposed to be comfortable. This past week alone, I’ve cut a client project short (lost money), extended a contract with another (gained money), adjusted our services and onboarding more designers. I haven’t had anytime to look at our new website iteration, nor done enough social media, but have readjusted our focus and even had a 30-minute no work chat time with the team.
We’re calling this ‘growing pains’ at a business level, but I can totally own that narrative for myself too. I’ve been on more date nights with my wife than ever, but not spending enough quality time with our children. Getting my fitness back on track is proving incredibly difficult, but some life admin like getting a dentist appointment and meeting with financial advisors, tells me that some balance is coming back after two years of being at home.
I’ve even started going to a co-working space twice a week!
I guess what I’m saying is:
  • get uncomfortable to grow
  • get used to failures and successes in equal measure
  • achieving balance is tough but absolutely necessary for you and those you hold dear
…and finally, don’t be so harsh on yourself!
Thank you for reading this issue,
Note: Issue 200+ will have a little remix in content. More from me, less from the web. That said, I hope you enjoy this issue!

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