The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle 🧞‍♀️ #180





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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi friends,
Hope you’re well. I caught up with a builder buddy of mine earlier today and while we were talking he mentioned that he’s busier than ever AND that his London clients are moving South. Why?
The genie is out of the bottle. We don’t have to work at the factories anymore.
I’m interested in seeing how, out of lockdown, companies will react. And yeah, they do react, with policy following shortly after. I’m guessing that the more established leadership (and UK Government it appears) will go back to what they know. That’s in-person. Remote will continue to scale remotely. The messy middle? Let’s see.
When it comes to my craft: Facilitation, there’s going to be an interesting shift. I feel that 70% will go back to in-person design sprints, and be thankful for it. 20% will continue to do both. 10% will just do remote. I’m in that 10%. There’s still so much more innovation in how we bring digital products to market to be realised. My work with Google on data-driven design sprints surfaced so many opportunities to change the game! I’m really excited to share more soon.
But the variable? It’s still the same. It’s the people. Have a great team? You will achieve great things. The best teams I’ve ever worked with? They haven’t been on my doorstep, and that’s been true since I worked at Hult 8 years ago in my first proper UX design lead role.
Whichever environment you choose, pressure test your team (as if the last 12 months haven’t done that for you already!). Your team are the differentiator, your businesses value and the people you spend most of your week with. Make it count.
Appreciative of your time this week,
thanks, Ross

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