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The Best Ideas Aren't Always in the Room 🚪 #202

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
This week, I’ve been in London with the team, onboarding new recruits (and having some fun!).
To my mind, learning is something that should never stop. I even learnt some new things this week! Sometimes it’s not about knowledge or process. For me, it can be about prioritising what’s important - which isn’t necessarily the work!
Wellness of the team is becoming increasingly important to me. From sharing praise regularly, to sharing advice 1 to 1. We’re each following our own journey.
My learning journey at the moment is being supported by Andy Budd. From last year’s profit share, I decided to re-invest mine into becoming a better Managing Director, so Andy is working with me on filling in the gaps, but also giving me inspiration and ideas to experiment with. Every business is different in character, but some things stay the same. Whilst we’re growing obodo as an anti-agency remote product design business, on paper - it’s still a business with customers, practitioners, support around those practitioners - and so building the right way can dramatically help. That’s what I’m learning from Andy. Whichever stage you’re at, I thoroughly recommend investing in training.
Sometimes, the best ideas aren’t always in the room…
I was also fortunate this week to catch up with Femke - learning a lot from her approach to sharing what she knows and how that’s helped her career in product design. Look forward to sharing that Fireside Chat video soon!
Hope you’re all well and getting support on your own journey,
thanks, Ross

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Ross Chapman
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