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Tell a truly different story 📖 #157

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
I’ve been trying to find the right articles to share for this audience. It’s my goal of bringing as much value to you as possible each week.
It’s a fundamental point many brands get wrong. They share what they want to share, rather than giving the audience what they want and what they need.
I feel that that is the essence of content marketing: You’re making a piece of content (important: amongst many) that each of your readers is going to consume, if at all.
Earlier, I was reading this article about Mark Hamill. He explains that “you have to give the audience what they want…” The opportunity, explained in the article, is that you need to be “telling a “different” story – different enough to break through all the content clutter out there.”
So what does that look like?
Well, take this weekly newsletter. I’m giving you what you want every week. How do I know what you like? Data. I can see what you’re clicking on each issue, but based on that, I can narrow down to topics, or the way I curated a story, or maybe just the headline.
Then, I share a “different story.” I put an original context around it, through introducing why I think it’s relevant for your attention. I’ll know if I’m right soon after.
But the different story can’t always come through in a witty introduction. I’m working on that right now. I was challenged recently when asked when my last thought-piece came out. I couldn’t answer! There’s so much coolness out there, I’m wary of adding to the noice. However, never one to turn down a challenge, I plan to have an update to that for next issue.
Have a great week,
thanks, Ross
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Here's to challenging yourself to tell a truly different story this week!
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Ross Chapman
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