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Talent Driven Market 🦄 #181

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi friends,
“The office is dead.” “FOMO will bring workers back.” News that the once heralded Canary Wharf in London is becoming a ghost town.
So-called experts hailing Hybrid working as the best situation for the majority, without having actually tried it.
People moving companies in their droves and now that the UK is coming out of its current lockdown, there’s more opportunities than ever.
Friends. It’s a talent driven market.
A handful of companies are recognising this like Revolut, who are changing to best fulfil employee needs and attract new talent in a highly competitive market.
On the other side, industries such as agencies are solving this in a different way - advertising for more freelancers (like ustwo) and working with talent companies (or creating their own like Turtle Design have done with Turtle Talent.)
People like the sound of change, but some can’t face it. To unlearn what you have learned takes courage. Eric Ries advises that you need to
“Enter into a continuous cycle of replacing old ideas and models with new ones in order to adapt in an ever-changing world.”
He’s right.
Also this week, I’ve been lucky enough to see my Dad on his birthday. He only wanted one thing from me. A hug.
And I’ve followed the out of lockdown playbook, having had a pint and a much-needed haircut this week. I booked a London hotel stay for June for my wife’s birthday - time will tell if we get to do that!
Hope you had a great week. If you like this newsletter, please share it with someone that needs to see it - I’d appreciate that.
thanks, Ross

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