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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
What an exciting week for Sprints!
  • Jake, John and Eli Blee-Goldman create Character VC, a vehicle to invest and run Design Sprints with early-stage startups.
  • They share the backstory of how this came to be
  • …and a New Interactive Guide to run Sprints
For a Design Sprint fanboy like myself, Christmas came early!
From reading the Sprint book in around 2016, to then starting to run Design Sprints in 2017, forming a team specifically to just run Design Sprints in 2018 (that was profit making from the first year), get 150+ sprints under my belt, successfully sell to WWF, Save the Children, McKinsey & Company and more: I’ve made an incredible career out of the work from Jake and John.
It did something I needed. It gave me the instructions on how to start a design project. Having not gone to design school or having any formal training (does YouTube count?!), it gave me a structure and ultimately confidence to parachute into any situation and lead a team to an outcome.
During the past couple of years, I’ve turned my talents to taking the ‘Sprint online, built up a community of Remote Sprinters and spoken at Google Sprint Conference, SofaConf and Design Matters.
Design Sprints have also taken me to wonderful places. New York. San Francisco. Croatia. I’ve also made fantastic friends in the Sprint community.
I’m more keen than ever to run Design Sprints in 2022 and on!
Thank you for reading this issue,

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