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Next 12 months: ALL IN ⚡️ #198

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
This past week, I’ve been in complete operations mode. Having recently been made Managing Director at obodo, it’s now down to me (with the team) to set the strategy to achieve our goal of creating 1000 start-up products. Charles (obodo’s owner) is working on a new proposition, but will be supporting me through this transitional phase, which I’m hugely appreciative for.
With the new role comes a few new challenges for me. First and foremost is delegation. When you know an area enough, you can see what great looks like, but ultimately hiring people that are better at it than you are, where budget allows. I’ve neglected delegating before, but now it’s an absolute must!
The other challenge is around ensuring we are not busy fools. It’s tempting to take on any projects in January that are adjacent to our services. Being busy often seems to be the right thing to do, but actually, it can create headaches and work that we just can’t be happy about. Using this time instead to setup our premier service (Design Diaries) have been a better use of time in preparation for our new salesperson, who’s starting soon. Updated templates, website and supportive documentation.
Being purposeful and looking at the bigger picture is key. What’s inline with what we’re trying to achieve rather that what you feel like working on is absolutely key! I do this well naturally, but need to instil this in the team.
To this audience: I want to show as much as I can around this new role. I hope you enjoy the journey.
Look out for my 5 highlights for obodo in 2022 this coming week.
As ever, appreciative of your time reading this issue and I hope you all had a very Happy New Year,
thanks, Ross

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