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Metaverse of Madness 🔮 #195

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
It’s been a good week! On Wednesday, I realised that LinkedIn had enabled newsletter writing on my account, so I hurriedly put something together and hit ‘Publish.’
24 hours later, I had over 1000 subscribers. That felt nice.
LinkedIn is becoming such an incredible place. With its new LinkedIn Service Marketplace, Live and Newsletter features, I’m excited to see how this will evolve over time.
That’s not even covering the metaverse - where there’s been a lot of activity from Facebook (or Meta), Microsoft and MURAL.
Will we move from designing for the web to the metaverse? Is it really like a new internet? I’m interested in seeing where this goes and will have to play pretty hard to catch-up.
Related in a way, I was reading something on LinkedIn this morning about how Gen Z are ‘baffling’ older colleagues and I can totally see that. How can established company directors better serve younger workers who “prefer to set their own hours, don’t hesitate to assign work to higher-ups and are willing to take off days for their mental health.”
As you know, I like to work with the here and now. Right now, you can have a design critique with an Oculus Quest 2. You can run a Design Sprint in VR. I have yet to try this out, but I sure want to!
Unlike. crypto, NFTs or the blockchain, with Microsoft and Facebook talking so prominently about this, there is going to be a great period of growth for designers in this space. Excited to learn more!
If you design in VR, or have applied design thinking in this space - I’d be keen to learn more - feel free to book a call with me.
Thank you for reading,
thanks, Ross

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Ross Chapman
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