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Hybrid Design Sprints ⚡️ #183

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi subscribers,
It’s been a good week for giving back! I was lucky enough to be invited on to ButterMixer with Cheska, interviewed on the Remote First podcast with Daphnée and join the Mural Experts on Demand meetup!
I’ve been talking about Hybrid Collaboration more (check out the playbook being put together) and as a number of businesses return to the office, this topic just won’t go away! Like I said in issue #178, Hybrid is the topic of 2021.
How does that affect my practice? Well, it looks like I need a good answer to how to run a Hybrid Design Sprint. That’s not going to be solved by a new Mural template alone, but supported through some exciting tools like Butter, new practices and behaviours to develop, I do think it is indeed possible (or at least I’m willing to try!).
My key thought at the moment: Asynchronous work will aid Hybrid collaboration.
Hope you’re well, safe and maybe like me, looking forward to a brighter future!
thanks, Ross

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Ross Chapman
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