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Great Tools but for Busy Fools? 🔨 #182

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi subscribers,
A great week for remote collaboration tools. Figma announcing the Miro-killing FigJam (more of my thoughts on this here), Mural sharing more on their Hybrid Working series called Collaboration, and some exciting new entrants including Play Space. I was also fortunate enough to talk to the CEO at Butter and learning more about what they’re up to.
Tools are just part of the story here in a radically shifting world of work. How you use the tools, work with others and grow your brand is different now to two years ago. Digital has indeed killed the strategic plan.
In a world where a new product comes to market nearly every day (and more if you follow Product Hunt like I do), it makes sense that businesses need to operate at ever increasing speed. I’ve witnessed decisions made within 1 hour of a problem being surfaced. I’ve seen a need for a method met with a solution after a solid 15 minutes of research. Getting started as ever, is better than being right.
Speed of decision making is so important. One day you’re winning in the market and the next you’re cancelled. Another day you decide to start legal action without reading the room, and lose - very publicly. Remote has exposed our flaws where the walk has overtaken the talk.
What am I trying to say?
“The fluidity of digital business models impact upon the rapidity in which decisions are made and processed”
If you release code daily, you need to be making decisions daily, you need to create content daily and you need to talk to your customers daily (7 / 11 / 4).
I’m trying to design workshops to take less time, capitalising on technology - freeing teams to think and execute.
Honestly - I wonder if one day, we won’t need to make business decisions. The market, as ever - decides and an algorithm will show us the risk. The future is bright, but are you willing to unlearn, accept humility and work faster than ever before?
Thank you for reading this issue,
thanks, Ross

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