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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi there,
It’s been a fun couple of weeks for sending newsletters. I noticed a month back that LinkedIn had enabled my account for creating newsletters over there, so started giving that a go. 2 issues and 2000 subs later - it’s been a great experiment so far.
And as this issue reaches 200, and we’re coming into December, this is usually when I mentally slow down. I reflect. I look at what’s working. I look at what isn’t. I also look at unrealised goals and I look forward to next year.
What I’m not very good at is the one thing that really helps. Consistency.
YouTube, Instagram - even this newsletter.
I’m going to give it one last go, and then I’m calling in help!
Finally, come issue 200, I’m going to take a break. This newsletter has come a long way since Issue #1 six years ago, and I just need time to reflect, look at what’s working and what isn’t.
Thank you for reading this issue,
thanks, Ross

Remote Design Sprints ⚡️
How to say no to meetings without feeling guilty
How I Made the Career Shift Into Consulting and Workshopping
Make it Clear
Can you run a design sprint remotely? We answer the question and expand on the challenges, the time it takes and what is needed to set up a remote design sprint in our article here. 👉

#makeitclear #blog #designsprint #remotedesignsprint
Leadership ✌️
Shake up your routine in the name of creativity
Betting on the new Gumroad
Rachel Kobe
“Tech companies succeed when they are led by a digital holy trinity: A world-class Product Head, User Design Chief, and Chief Technology Officer.

#futureofwork #leadership #design #ux #cxo #experience
UX 👩‍💻
5 Clues Your Customers Need a Better Data Onboarding Solution
Automating Figma
Tamara Adlin
"To build solutions, we have to understand problems. The real advantage of personas is to help us describe problems." ...Jared Spool @jmspool YUP.
Coolness 😎
S3.E27 - Dominic Price, Atlassian // Wellbeing over climbing the ladder
S3.E27 - Dominic Price, Atlassian // Wellbeing over climbing the ladder
In this episode, Dom and Daphnée talk about hiring and onboarding remote team members, shaping the new normal, and mental health.
The #1 skill startup founder will learn is how live with rejection
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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman @rosschapman

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