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Competing Ideas Win 💡 #205

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everyone,
This issue’s intro is inspired by Eddie Shleyner’s post on LinkedIn:
The fewer ideas you have, the more weight each idea holds in your mind. 
I asked Scott Dikkers about this phenomenon: 
Scott is the founding editor of The Onion, the satirical newspaper. (Years ago, in Chicago, I took a class he was teaching and we’ve worked together since.)
This is what he told me:
“When a writer has only one idea, their soul feels crushed when someone critiques that idea in a way that makes them doubt it,” he said. “They link that idea with their personality and, in turn, take any feedback as a personal slight against them.”
Don’t fall for this. It’s a trap, an ego trap. 
Don’t fetishize your only idea. It’s counterproductive. And it will keep you from giving The Reader your best. The antidote is to have many ideas, many options (i.e., “quality comes from quantity”) and the point is to always pick the one that serves your audience, not yourself (i.e. “kill your darlings”). 
This is the only way to produce your finest work.
So there! Gathering multiple ideas is better than one. I see a lot of similarities with that in the Design Sprint where we vote up competing ideas from the team and often prototype competing ideas to test. Why? Because sometimes the best ideas aren’t in this room and sometimes it’s not just a single idea that is what’s required.
Have a great weekend,
- Ross

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