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Building Reps in Onboarding 💥 #203

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi everybody,
When entering a new role, it’s hard to know how to continue well after the excitement of onboarding, especially in a remote business.
At obodo, we run an onboarding week. Typically in-person, it consists of deep dives in how the business works, how we do sales, delivery and talent ops. We share the knowledge needed and know that 20% may be retained - and that’s ok. Just like the Sprint, it’s about building reps.
It’s not all work of course! We engage in activities to welcome new team members too, including team lunches and an evening meal out.
What I’m finding is that after the excitement and focus on making that week work, onboarding doesn’t really stop.
So here’s how I’ve coordinated what that looks like:
Setup 1 to 1s
I agree the frequency and time of these with the new hires, but essentially use this time for them to speak and share how they’re doing, any questions I can help them with - and usually in a manner that I can screen-share and guide. The frequency of these can change over time, depending on the support that they need.
Continued training
Like I mentioned, onboarding doesn’t stop after the first week, and there are a number of skills new hires need to accrue. We’re incredibly client-facing, so understanding how to communicate well and with a certain amount of authority is incredibly valuable and takes time to hone. I’ve started to initiate sessions over the coming months covering facilitation that aims to increase the knowledge and skill of running, sometimes tough sessions with teams, whilst making it fun!
Culture building
I like Simon Sinek’s view on not hiring for culture fit, but building upon the existing culture. My wife shared an activity she did at work around the Trolley Problem. These kinds of activities can help bond a team and ensure that it’s not always work, work, work. I like referencing Franklin’s Law here to help justify it!
Those are a few of the actions I’m making and I’d be happy to hear how others have onboarded team members in a remote business.
Thanks for reading,
thanks, Ross

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