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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Hi subscribers,
I’m writing this issue in a car servicing garage. The air conditioning here has created a great opportunity to focus and get things done - especially this belated newsletter!
I’m now in my second week at startup product studio obodo (do contact me if you’re a freelance facilitator or product designer and want work!).
I’m getting used to spinning more plates than usual and having some great conversations about beating the status quo (check out the podcast on this very topic below!).
In a couple more weeks I can turn my attention to what value I’m giving you. I quite often get asked from people wanting to get into remote facilitation, so expect content on that (you can also request mentoring from me on Superpeer), but I’ve a number of ideas that I’ve wanted to prototype and get out there.
Want to carry on the conversation? Remote Sprinters has a Slack where we’re sharing knowledge, experiences and job opportunities. Check it out here.
Finally, this week has more original content from me than ever - let me know if you like it!
thanks, Ross

Fresh content from me this week ⚡️
Start running your own Remote Design Sprints
Ep 8: Your clients aren’t stupid by The Go Getters with Dana Publicover and Ross Chapman
Coolness elsewhere 😎
Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities
Scott Berkun
"Designers are hired to change things. The challenge is we want change on our terms, using our methods and beliefs. This creates a natural conflict with coworkers and executives. It makes sense that designers feel ignored, misunderstood or even lost."
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Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman @rosschapman

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